Kingdom Turn 56: Neth 4714
Stability check succeeded. -1 Unrest.
Paid 0 BP Consumption. 7 BP excess Consumption stored in granaries.
Claimed Hodag Hollow.
Terrain improvements: Sawmill in Hodag Hollow. Fishery in Stirgefalls. Fishery in Tatzlden. Fishery in Boggart Pond. Fishery in Croaking Glade.
Settlement improvements: New settlement district (Spears District) in Shrikethorn complete. Observatory in Candlemere. House in Candlemere. Alchemist x2 in Candlemere. Smithy in Candlemere. Shrine in Candlemere. Stable (discounted) in Candlemere. Barracks in Candlemere. Tavern (discounted) in Shrikethorn Hammer District. Brewery in Shrikethorn Hammer District. Exotic Artisan (discounted) in Shrikethorn Hammer District.
Armies: Recruit Crackjaw Riverines. Recruit Tatzlwyrm Riverines.
Diplomatic edict: Balanced treaty (with advantage) with House Garess. Balanced treaty with House Orlovsky.
Withdraw 1 BP = 2000 gp, split 4 ways is 500 gp for each of us. +1 Unrest.
171 BP taxes.
Kingdom event: Vandals. Loyalty and Stability checks succeeded.
Ending: size 56, Control DC 90, 193 BP.

Kingdom Statistics and Map.
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