Kingdom Turn 61: Gozran 4715
Stability check succeeded. -1 Unrest.
Paid 0 BP Consumption.
No hex claims.
Terrain improvements: Watchtower in Drover's End. Watchtower in Narleaves. Watchtower in Bokken.
Settlement improvements: House in Heathwick. Herbalist in Heathwick. Trade Shop in Heathwick. Paved Streets in Heathwick. Sewer System in Heathwick. Smithy in Aurochs Canyon. Library in Aurochs Canyon. Jail (discounted) in Aurochs Canyon. Graveyard in Aurochs Canyon. Shrine (Erastil) in Aurochs Canyon. Noble Villa (discounted) in Temple of the Elk.
Armies: Purchased airship (Tempest).
Trade edict: raw materials route from Shrikethorn to Cassomir. Great success. 5 BP invested. 15 BP returned.
Withdraw 1 BP = 2000 gp, split 4 ways is 500 gp for each of us. +1 Unrest.
186 BP taxes.
Kingdom event: Feud. Loyalty check succeeded; -1 Unrest.
Ending: size 56, Control DC 90, 207 BP.

Kingdom Statistics and Map.
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