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Rise of the Runelords
February 21th, 2016
As the wrenched open the double doors, what lie before them was a giant maze. A stone giant stood tall in the center of the maze; this could only presumably be Mokmurian. The group attempted to teleport past the green walls seen here, but the dimension door spell failed. Nevik attempted to hop up over the wall, but hit some sort of invisible barrier that acted like a ceiling, preventing him from doing so. With no other choice than to go forward, the party pushed on down through the maze.

As they rounded the corner, a bone golem was right there, ready to greet them. They handled him swiftly, and with no problems. They traveled down the next section of hallway, which had a bunch of smaller walls and breaks in them, only to be ambushed by doombats around every corner. These bats were easy targets, but each one of them shrieked, causing some problems for the group. Yama eventually charged straight ahead to get past all of em. The next section of hallway had a large pit in it, which at the bottom of it had a acid pit. Thinking quickly, Dov simply put a wall of force down to walk on, capping the pit for his allies as well. However, it wasn’t as easy as they would hope. Two statues on the opposite side of the room began shooting magic missiles at the group, relentlessly chipping away at our heroes until they were able to pass. Yama charged through it, rounding the corner and booking it through the next hallway. However, the next hallways was lined with sliding axe doors. Yama surprisingly passed through most of these with ease, but did get caught up on one of them. The party trudged along through them slowly and carefully. There was a lever that appeared on the other side of the traps, but Yama decided to pass it up to continue on down the hallway, wanting to steal the glory of taking down Mokmurian for himself.

Yama rushed down the hallway, only a few turns away from getting to Mokmurian, but came face to face with a minotaur. The minotaur teleported himself and Yama to a one-on-one arena, where it would seem Yama would perish if he did not defeat this minotaur. Luckily enough, this monkey knew how to be a deft foe, as he fell the minotaur fell quickly. However, this left him to wander the maze along, until he could outwit it and find the exit…

Meanwhile, the group progressed down the trapped hallway, one of them reaching the same lever that Yama passed up. They deactivated the traps and progress on. Yama was nowhere to be seen, even after passing the area where the minotaur was. They rounded the corner to where some more sectioned walls impeded a straight path. Nevik thought this to be suspicious, so scouted the area and found some spear traps that would trigger if someone stepped on pressure plates. Nevik disarmed them easily. Nothing stood between them and Mokmurian, so the party steeled themselves to fight the leader of this stone giant revolt...
Session: The Jorgenfist Raid: Part 19 - Sunday, Feb 21 2016 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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