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Rise of the Runelords
March 20th, 2016
Father Zantus summoned the group to the church to discuss a grave matter. Ever since the party discovered the Catacombs beneath Sandpoint months ago, they had positioned guards as the secret tunnel entrance to prevent anything from coming through, and to keep the new workers at the Glassworks at ease. However, they found the numerous guards missing, and blood all over the room. Something attacked, and Father Zantus needed them to look into the matter. They all agreed, and the moment they stepped outside of the church, the earth shook. After the quake ended, there was screaming from the center of town, as a sinkhole appeared, leading into what looked to be the Catacombs of Wrath. The party steeled themselves as they traveled down the sinkhole to see what caused the matter.

The catacombs were as they left them, aside from damage from the landslide. The well that Triggi had drained previously was now completed covered in dirt, unable to be accessed. Various tunnels now were blocked and inaccessible. As they traveled as far back as they could, they noticed something new: a spiral staircase that was previously unusable due to dirt being in the way was now cleared for use. They traveled down it cautiously, as it went down quite a ways. When they reached the bottom, Vincent managed to spot a secret door in the darkness, which led them into an unknown space, filled with fog. As they entered, a voice spoke to them:
What happened to Thassilon? What has replaced it?”

The voice’s was unidentified, but the party answered back that Thassilon is long fallen, and the lands of Varisia stay in it’s wake. They heard no response.

This room split into three different ways, a hallway to the north, double doors to the south, and a cathedral area to the west. The group decided to go west to the cathedral, which opened up into a giant space. The room was adorned with various symbols all attributing to Lamashtu, however there were no pews or altar in sight. Along the walls, the statue of a pregnant woman with a jackal head, snake like tail, talons, and kukri in both hands stood in each alcove.

Who rules the lands above today? Where is the seat of their power?”

The party could not answer this straight, at all of the major cities really minded their own business. They explained this, and again, no response from the voice. However, a quick pink and purple gate plane gate was opened, as a glabrezu demon stepped forth. This massive creature is nothing the party had faced before, and it spent its first moment summoning another of its kind. The party did not fair well against these foes, as both Shalelu and Vincent went unconcious. The party had to retreat in order to save themselves, and they worked together to teleport out of there. They had to bring Vincent back up first, and then get out of the way.

The group retreated back to the sinkhole entrance. It was clear that they were not ready for such a foe, but perhaps with a bit more assistance, they could bring them down. They decided to take the night to rest and recover, spending it on watch duty outside of sinkhole. Only faint howling was heard during the night. THey were not excited to go back down there, but knew that they were Sandpoint’s only hope against something that powerful.
Session: Chapter 5: The Beginning of the End - Sunday, Mar 20 2016 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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