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Rise of the Runelords
April 17th, 2016
Nevik did not return back to the party, so naturally the group went in after him after a bit. THey could not find Nevik, but did find the same room that he did. Only this time, Yama led, and he noticed that two sides of the room had massive webs attached to them. Of course, when an adventurer sees webs, they immediately think to burn it, so thus Yama requested Dov or Naolexa chuck a fireball in there to burn those up. Dov obliged, using his staff to fire to launch fire in the room and clearing up the webs quickly. Yama rushed into the room, just fast enough to see the giant spider on the ceiling launch a web bolt at him. Yama was entangled in the center of the room. Naolexa, not fond of spiders in any sense, petrified the creature on the ceiling. The now spider-statue came crashing down from the ceiling, in line to hit Yama. Luckily, he managed to cut himself free, and then dodge out of the wall before the statue hit the ground, shattering.

The group wrote down the fifth stanza, as Yama pushed open the stone door leading north. A dark hallway lined with fog lay beofre him, as he strolled right in. However, before his party could follow him, Yama came rushing right back out, babbling about how his friends were going to sacrifice him to Lamashtu, and he had to get out of here. Dov and Naolexa unsuccessfully tried to stop him, as he bolted back through the tunnels they came from. The party took it as he was just making it up, but just in case tried to deal with the fog in the hallway. After unseccussful attempts with various fire spells, Naolexa casted dispel magic in the area. While it didn’t dispel the fog, it seemed to have dispelled something. She casted a flaming sphere to burn up the fog, and act as a leading beacon through the hallway.

It led them to a door, and as they opened it, they saw only a table with an inkwell and a quill of a peacock’s feather sitting in it. Valtyra approached the table, but was suddenly struck by a spell. It stopped her only for a moment, as she continued on in. She quickly snagged the quill, threw it into her bag, noticed a body on the north wall, and then escaped back out the hallway (in fear of being damaged again). The casters looked at the quill in detailed, and determined it harmless, and actually quite useful to them. Valtyra, however, wanted to look closer at the body found in the room, to see if she could identify the reason for death. She was hit even hard this time, but still fought her way back in. The body had numerous bones broken in several places, along with bits of skin missing here and there. The exact cause of death is uncertain, but it’s likely this was one of the guards, and he was sacrificed to Lamashtu.

They returned to the spider’s room just in time to hear the following ring throughout the shrine:
You come into my domain, you kill my minions, and you take my possessions. The time for talk is over, prepare to die, my sucklings!

Yama, who had managed to flee all the way back to the cathedral area, was ambushed by not only the source of the voice, but also the two remaining hounds, and 2 demons who wielded two bows at the same time, via the use of four arms.

Yama snapped out of it, but only after the hounds closed in on him, and the man known as the “Scribbler” already started summoning additional help. He summon in a hezrou, which reeked of an odor that Yama just couldn’t ignore. He took him out quickly, but the hounds already flanked him, and they succeeded in pulling him to the floor. The Scribbler took the chance to charge in, swinging wildly at Yama. Luckily, Yama had recently enchanted his armor to save him at the last moment, as he received a breath a life spell just as he felt himself go unconcious. This, however, did not fix the problem that he was on the ground. His rogue resiliency saved him once more, but he had no choice but to attack from the ground. With the spontaneity of a monkey, he stabbed wildly at the Scribbler’s legs, forcing him to his knees, to where Yama could deliver the final blow. Just as quickly as the threat presented himself, Yama took it out just as fast.

The party was able to make it to the cathedral just in time to see this occur, and went to work trying to mop up the rest of the group. Dov became the main target for one of the arrow demons, and nearly killed him from all of the shots fired. Yama took the attention of that one, however, after Dov broke off line of sight to heal. Valtyra assisted with the healing, while Dov encased the second arrow demon in ice, sealing his fate with a cold, frozen death. The hounds and demons were taken care of, and the known threat below Sandpoint dealt with.

The group can report their findings to Father Zantus and Sheriff Hemlock, and try to decipher the stanzas while licking their wounds. Where is this Runeforge mentioned? The ancient library spoke of needing the Runeforge to not only attune their weapons to fight Karzoug, but Valtyra needed it to finish her prototype of a hand cannon. Much is in store for our heroes...
Session: Chapter 5: The Lamashtu Shrine Beneath Sandpoint Part 3 - Monday, Apr 18 2016 from 12:30 AM to 3:30 AM
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