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Rise of the Runelords
April 24th, 2016
The party toiled over the Scribbler's riddle, trying to determine it's purpose and the location of the Runeforge. Vincent helped decipher it, and they found out that the Runeforge is located way up north, at Lake Stormunder's northeastern shore. Rimeskull houses 7 different pillar, and if given a spell of the appropriate school, they would provide a key.

After finding the lake on the map, our Heroes set off to Magnimar, to hire a boat and crew to take them to Brinewall. This northern city was not very well visited, and Nevik had some hesitancy to go there. He declared he would never set foot in that town ever again, but despite this off-puttedness, the party sailed from Brinewall. Once they arrived, they stayed the night, enjoying themselves. The next morning, the group traveled to the nearby lake, and flew across it's waters.

They ascended the mountain with little trouble, and arrived at the fabled location: a ring of seven statues. They quickly went to work with the statues, retrieving the keys quickly. Each one, when having the proper spell casted on it, absorbed the spell and began to glow. It would shake the ground, and make a very high pitched trill noise. These would eventually subside, and the key would appear in the statue's mouth.

However, something sinister was at work, as a wall of ice suddenly appeared to block off the entrance to the stairs and also the way they came. A bellowing voice came about "WHO DARES DISTURB THIS ANCIENT SHRINE?" "We seek entrance to the Runeforge." Valtyra responded.

Arkrhyst reared his ugly face on our Heroes, flying near the mountain, and declaring the hero's death. Despite Vincent and Valtyra's offer to speak with it, He blasted Vincent, Yama, and Naolexa with a frosty breath. Yama courageously darted straight for the dragon to begin his work, but the dragon met him in kind with numerous attacks, nearly killing Yama twice.

Philip, with a bit of luck and quick thinking, polymorphed the dragon into a goose. Naolexa then finished off Arkrhyst with a suffocation spell, causing the bird to plummet to his death 200+ ft below. Naolexa flew after him, after learning that Philip actually needed the scales from him. She retrieved the bird, dispelled the magic, and got the scales from the now dead dragon.

The heroes turned to the stairs, knowing they had to ascend them, and enter the cave above. Would they find this dragon's hoard? Would they find the Runeforge? Both?

Who knew what awaited them?
Session: Chapter 5: Where the Road Takes You - Sunday, Apr 24 2016 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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