Sigil the Brave
A new hero is born, daughter and priestess of Agwee clan of the River Folk. Life was simple as a child, play on barges up and down the river. fish and sing to Agwee. not a care in the world, then the evil dreams started and i started doing dumb things as well as my clansmen. my dreams encouraged me to drown my customers instead of swindle them. then came Malik and his Marauders on a stolen barge and mopped up our decks with our blood. they even gave us a chance to surrender. i was given life and a choice to jump in the water or die. i jumped. then i wandered aimlessly for weeks, confused lost. i found myself in a stream of refugees and farmers heading towards a place called Maleks Spire. a place where all were welcome if they left evil behind. so i did. i found one called Pierre who was of my calling but not swayed by the dark dreams. i helped out in his little chapel as well as his bed whenever he needed me. then he and the other leaders left to fight my evil kin below (supposedly). life has been fairly dull, my most excitement from drinking in the local and small pub with my lazy wizard friend and barbarian .. rock. then the Bard showed up and Maleks Mothers entourage showed up and people started dying. our steward Velan was turned into a ghould or something and led a line of dead into the tavern seeking our deaths (as the bard looked on with humor) not one to rely on you can be sure. we squashed them good but the evil necromancer who raised them (who used my peoples dark arts i might add) is wandering about with the only set of spire keys. i hope my beloved Pierre returns soon to save us but until then i will resist the bad dreams and try to hold the spire for Malek and him.
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