Dorgath the Downed
May i speak of glory as a ghost? why not, somehow i have written this; perhaps only in the dreams of those that were there. to say i had extreme foreboding of death was an understatement. i hate fire, the bane to all but fire fanatics and lava creatures. but we were determined to finish off the fire cult once and for all. despite knowing we faced my nemesis Illneth, the man with pipe who beaten us Twice before and his companion, and the fire prophet herself and of course any surprise guests our gods had planned for us. it turned out to be a Dragon surprise that brought me down of course. so i lived a full and exciting life and fell prey to the most deadly of creatures so i bear no ill to my gods. i hope my companions finish what we started without me, having only the water Prophet to beat, should be doable. i go now to sleep and drift towards my goddess of luck who brought me so far, i hope i am worthy of her though life was wonderful and grand, i also managed to avenge my mentors death and family and free his son. i am content.. farewell cruel world
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Rest in peace!