6 Month Summary through Gozran 4715
300pp kingdom wages for each of us.

Neth, 4714. Although the cult of Gyronna was ferreted out earlier this year, hag's eye graffiti is found on buildings in Shrikethorn. Investigations by the city watch find that the culprits are merely unruly teenagers who painted the symbol with no knowledge of what it represents.
     The keelboats Crackjaw and Tatzlwyrm are christened at the Shrikethorn shipyard.

Kuthona, 4714. Greenmark begins negotiations toward a military alliance with Restov and Mivon.
     A castle is built on the cliffs above the Temple of the Elk.

Abadius, 4715. Jhod Kavken, priest of Erastil, is discovered to have stolen money from the treasury while in office. Investigation by the Circle of the Acorn reveals that Jhod was being blackmailed by someone from his past. The Margravine sentenced Jhod to penance at the Temple of the Elk. The blackmailer will never be heard from again. Dwarven merchant Galrin Copperglove is appointed treasurer.
     Greenmark allies with House Medvyed.
     The keelboats Fossegrim and Manticore are christened at the Shrikethorn shipyard.

Calistril, 4715. The Greenmark formally allies with Brevic houses Orlovsky and Garess. Maegar Varn invites the Margravine and her retinue to a feast in his capital.

Pharast, 4715. Greenmark completes the alliance with Restov and Mivon, reuniting the estranged houses of the Swordlords.

Gozran, 4715. Mineral Consortium resentment over the selection of Galrin Copperglove to the post of Treasurer bubbles to the surface in a chain of ugly social scenes. The Margravine summons Galrin and the Guildmaster of the Consortium to the Emerald Palace to sort it out. She points out Galrin's mercantile experience. He acknowledges the Consortium's superior expertise at mining (shocking, coming from a dwarf). Egos soothed, the status quo is maintained.
     The airship Tempest is christened in the skies above Candlemere.
     The Circle of the Acorn, accompanied by Ollamh Geirmund, attend Maegar Varn's feast at Varnhold. Representatives of the Swordlords and the houses of Brevoy also attend, including Noleski Surtova's sister, Natala.
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