An Unexpected Revelation
Tonight, the Strangers and myself moved against the Russian group calling themselves Aegis. At first I thought the name mere coincidence, but no! They are Atlantean! After defeating their magic-empowered enforcers, I learned the truth from one called Vitaly.

They are the descendants of those left behind when Atlantis was pulled from this world. More incredible, they are of House Aegis, now calling themselves House Agita. Also, they're Russian now, apparently. House Agita has maintained the mystic arts through the ages, and their magic is as potent as any Atlantis can muster in this degenerate age- perhaps more so, as our cousins have been raised in this world, and understand the ebb and flow of the tides of magic here.

Which is a shame, as they hate Atlantis with a passion. Vitaly believes that we abandoned our kin during the Rapture, though House Aegis was little more than a rabble of fishermen playing at soldiery. I know not what they suffered, but we have suffered as well- enslavement by Caesar's legions, the rebellions, the civil wars, the invasion from below. And now, after centuries of struggle, Atlantis was snatched away and the gods alone know what has happened to those left behind.

This sounds like the handiwork of that villain Demetrios of Axiatomos, sowing more discord among our people. And yet- they seem of a different breed. Vitaly did not once mention Demetrios's supposed claim to the throne.

Unfortunately, my companions interrupted my conversation with Vitaly, so I was unable to learn more. Luckily, Vitaly gave me the address of a safe house before I released him. I have met some who know of Atlantis. It's a pity they've got guns.
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