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Legacy of Fire
Session Seven
The band of mercenaries set off from the temple to inform Almah of their success. Seeking shelter from the blazing afternoon sun in the shade of a rocky outcropping, the group is startled by a gang of rough bandits, led by the loquacious and arrogant chief, Zalla the Magnifice. Zalla demands a fee for the use of his ‘glorious desert palace’ and after a fierce exchange of wit, wherein Zalla reveals that he is in league with the fabled Jackal Prince—a bandit king of legend—Zalla decides to extort his toll by force. Suddenly, a towering warrior appears sneaks up upon the bandit chief, and with succinct eulogy, swiftly deals the effusive thief a mortal wound. Seizing the opportunity, the ambushed party rushes at their assailants—the fighting is fierce and bloody. After a mere minute of intense battle, the mercenaries dispatch the bandits, and make ready to travel for Almah’s camp. Befriending the impeccably-timed warrior—who had, until his previous employer has met a recent and grizzly end at the point of a bandit’s sword, been contracted to the eliminate the bandit threat in the region—the five continue their travel to the Sultan’s claw, where they receive a handsome reward from the Merchant-Princess for all of their endeavors.
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