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Rise of the Runelords
May 15th, 2016
They entered into a dark hallway, with no portal behind them. The only way being forward, they approached a large circular room, with a fountain in the center and surrounded by statues. Each one depicting a different person. With 7 different ways they could go, they decided to start to their right and move around the circle one by one.

After a long hallway, they entered the Iron Cages of Lust, a large square room with a handful of cages in it, all but one empty or with a dead human in it. In the center of the room; a large pavilion of sorts, using what seemed to be silk as drapery. The group spotted in one cage a human still living, yet clinging onto life barely. Flying above them, however, alu-demons flew around, heckling the party. The group split into two, ignoring the hecklers for the time being. As a group of them approached the cage however, then went into a rage and began attacking. Yama and Reiner found their own trouble, as Reiner chased after Yama to attempt to protect him. Those two few confronted by two fire giants, telling them to leave or die. Of course, Yama liked the challenge, and immediately went into a frenzy. Reiner sighed, and picked up his sword to challenge the giants as well.

Meanwhile, they group had to divert the attention of the alu-demons, but noticed they were quickly getting overwhelmed by approaching fire giants from across the room. Naolexa managed to peak the interest of one of the succubus, and managed to force a parley when she mentioned they were here to learn how to take out Karzoug. The alu-demon immediately called off her allies, and led the group to her leader, Delvahine. This powerful succubus was eager to hear of the heroes plan to deal with Karzoug, and was willing to help...at a price.

In exchange for the component needed to perform the ritual needed to bolster a weapon to fight Karzoug with, Delvahine requested that the bard accompany her to her quarters for some person time. Vincent was eager to appease. Caught up in the opportunity, Vincent quickly remembered that succubus drain their victim’s souls via kiss, and he was already caught up in the ruse with little way out. Knowing things weren’t looking the greatest, he decided that if this is how he was going to leave this world, he might as well go out with a bang. After Vincent working his “magic”, he managed to please Delvahine in a way that the succubus hadn’t been in years. Pleased with his, Delvahine decided to show mercy and accept that as sufficient payment.

She returned to the party with the component; a jeweled dildo. This item, gross as it may have been, was the component enchanted with the power of lust. She handed it to them and told the heroes they will learn more later. Turning to Vincent, she decided to also reward him with a powerful sword she had claimed from a victim many many years ago. She didn’t use it, and it was in the hands of a bard previously. Vincent accepted the sword eagerly. It was a good day for Vincent.

She told the heroes to leave this wing, and to not return. She showed mercy this time, but may not on the next intrusion. They swiftly left the wing to move to the next wing; the Abjurant Halls of Envy.
Session: Sins of the Saviors: The Iron Cages of Lust - Sunday, May 15 2016 from 8:30 PM to 11:30 PM
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