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Rise of the Runelords
June 5th, 2016
The group moved down this hall, only to be greeted by a booming voice:
Stop! These are the Abjurant Halls of Eager Striving. Know that your powers will be crushed and you shall die! You are not worthy!

This, of course, did not deter our heroes, as they pushed on. They approached a room that showed to have a rod sticking out of the ground in the center of it. It crackled with energy, but something did not seem right with it. Nevik approached the rod to find out that this was broken in a way that it actually functioned like a magical trap. He swiftly disarmed it, clearing this room for his party.

The proceeded to the south only to discover a large ooze creature before them. This creature already posed an issue to the party, since Nevik would not be able to pierce his vitals, as it had none. They retreated back into the other room they just cleared for some more space, as they hoped the ooze would follow. It did, but not before it split itself into two. They dealt with the two oozes briskly, and turned their attention to the north.

The northern room had no threats, but did have a pool of what seemed to be quicksilver. It was magical, but the exact properties were unknown. The group grab 3 bottles of the fluid, unsure of it’s purpose just yet. Exhausted from the previous activities, Naolexa summoned up a cottage and they safely rested in the Halls of Envy for the time being.

Session: Sins of the Savior: The Abjurant Halls of Envy - Sunday, Jun 05 2016 from 5:30 PM to 8:30 PM
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