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In the spider's web
Aleppo is hot. It is dry. I don't spend much time so far from water, so the atmosphere is taxing enough. The people who live here are just people. They have to go to work, to eat, sleep. They just do it all in the middle of a warzone.

Against my conscience, I would've stayed out of it. The team didn't want the trouble an international incident would've caused for us and the American government. I'm ashamed to say I would not have been here to help them if the "King Spider" or whatever hadn't come along. Most of the injuries I've found had been inflicted before his attack.

They are very efficient killers. I want to stop them from hurting anyone, but I don't. I'm here to help, not to make things worse. They only go after the soldiers, mostly, and not the ones that surrender (most don't). But I can't help the dead. Only the dying.

I find the wives, the children, the old. The sick. The victims. I take away the pain and hurt, holding onto them for a few breaths, a heartbeat or two. But the more of them I help, the harder it becomes to wash away those hurts from myself.

I'm tired and I'm hot. And Redshift, who could have emptied this city in moments, taking all these victims somewhere safer, comes and asks me to set this aside. I won't, I tell him. It bothers him, I think. To him I'm just a goofy kid, but I hold a sacred and terrible power in me now. I remember long days and nights learning to harness the power, Control it.

To not use it to help feels wrong. But fighting these men will not help these victims, it will just make more violence happen.

Today I've felt bullet wounds, broken bones, concussions,poisons, disease. I know what is feels like to have my arm and chest crushed by a collapsed wall. To be stabbed in the gut and left to rot.

Each of them left a phantom of pain and weariness on me. I'm tired,

But my work isn't done yet...

Go home, Redshift. Go home and be safe. I'll come home when my work is done...
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