Forcing the Issue
Gozreh 2nd – Annie took her leave, and rode back to Oleg's. We continued to explore the forest, occasionally being harassed by fey creatures. That evening, as we set up camp, we were approached by Tim the Skunk Hunter. I conversed with Tim at length, trying to get some information. I asked him about the bear traps we found, and Tim explained that there was a trapper named Breeg Orlavanch who had a reputation for a foul temper. This Breeg was a nasty fellow, but not a bandit. Still, we would be wary of him. Tim also told us of a cult dedicated to an obscure entity known as Gyrona. They were said to be near the northern shores of the Tuskwater, far to the south. I noted these items, and let him rest. The next day, just after my watch, Tim slipped away. We immediately searched through our belongings, but it appeared that nothing was missing. I guess in these lawless lands it is better to be safe than sorry.

Gozreh 3rd – heading south east through the Narlmarches, we came upon what we presume were the homes of the fey that were dogging us. The fey, if they were present, did not reveal themselves to us. The party discussed what to do, and we decided to try and appease the fey. Kroog made them a doll of sticks, and I left them my prized Axebeak soled boots and a note offering to be friends. We left everything else the way it was as a sign of good faith, and left. Alas, it appeared that we failed to appease the fey, for they continued to hound us with their tricks.

Gozreh 4th – We rode westward, making our way through dense forests. Eventually, we came upon an elaborate dead fall. It looked like a trapper set it up, and then accidentally triggered it. It looked like the trapper's legs were pinned, and he starved to death. Searching through his things, we found that his axe was monogrammed with the letters B.O., so we assumed it was Breeg Orlavanch. We decided to take his body back to Oleg's at some point. We wrapped him up as best we could in blankets, and put him on our pack horse. That evening, as we looked for a place to set up camp, we came across three boars. It seemed like a good opportunity to eat something besides goodberries and trail rations, so we killed the boars.

Gozreh 5th – Continuing westward, the Narlmarches gave way to plains again. I had thought that after leaving the forest the fey would leave us alone, but I was wrong. I overheard one of them say something about being upset about finding a pair of stinky old boots in their house... Ingrates...

Gozreh 6th and 7th – As we were getting close to the edge of our charter, and running low on horse feed, we decided to head back towards Oleg's. We rode hard along the plains, circling around the Narlmarches, hoping to avoid the fey. We camped for the night. That evening we saw some glowing lights in the dark. We decided to keep our distance. The next day we rode all the way back, to the familiar confines of Oleg's Trading Post.

Gozreh 9th and 10th - I took care to get Jhod to bury the trapper. As nobody seemed to like him, it was a somber affair. We then set about trading with Oleg. Some of our goods came in, fresh horses and the like. Oleg mentioned that our next shipment would be arriving soon, so we decided to stay an extra day. That gave most people a chance to do their various tasks – Kroog working with his snow leopards, Barnabas hunting rats with his eidelon, Fizby crafting his humors and scrolls. After I finished trading and going over our account with Oleg, I talked to Svetlana, and started teaching her how to look after Leeroy while I was gone. Eventually I would get Leeroy war trained, but for now he would stay safe at Oleg's. I would ride one of our new war trained horses, a mare named Mallinois. (Wee-hee!!!) I also got a new bow, very finely crafted. The heft was proper, hopefully it would serve me well. I decided to leave my old bow in my saddlebag as a back up.

Gozreh 11th – We left Oleg's and went south, into the Narlmarches, down to the Thorn River. Not long after we began exploring, we came upon what appeared to be a bandit camp. Our party dismounted, and tried to approach quietly. However, the bandit's sentry spotted us, and raised the alarm. It was of little avail. After Kroog cast his Entangle spell, we were able to isolate and pick off the bandits one and two at a time. The trees and foliage seemed to affect the bandits much more than I. The bandit's leader, the notorious Lady Kressle that Oleg told us about, was barely able to stumble out of the grasping roots before Kroog cut her down. With their leader gone, the remaining bandits fled. Unfortunately, two of them got away.

After searching the camp, we found several supplies and few treasures. There was a case with several bottles of green liquor. Barnabas offered one to the fey to see if he could appease them. However, if they weren't impressed with Axebeak soled shoes, I doubt they would care about liquor. It remains to be seen if his efforts were successful.

We decided to move away from the bandit camp, and set up our own camp up river. I decided to take Lady Kressle's body back with us, it would definitely be worth hanging from Oleg's palisade! So far we seem to be winning the war against the bandits, but the Stag Lord is still out there...
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