On to the Stag Lord
Desnus 5th – We met up again with Kroog, and discussed our plans. We sold some items to Oleg, and ordered some goods and supplies. I had a discussion with Jhod about his dream again, and also talked to Kesten about the man he was looking for. We were going to load up some feed and head out again when Annie suggested we rest. While I was loathe to rest while there was still so much work to do, the others seemed to also want to rest.

Desnus 6th -10th – Having naught else to do, I spent most of my time in meditation and taking Leeroy out for walks. Leeroy languished in the attention, at times getting silly and rambunctious. The other set about at their tasks, readying themselves for the ride to where we expected to find the lost temple.

Desnus 11th – Barnabas apparently got called away again on some errand. So we rode out – Fizby, Kroog, Annie, and myself. We made our way to the forested area where the temple was hidden. Using the explorer's map, it was a simple matter to find the lost temple.

The “temple” was a cave in the side of a cliff with broken stairs leading to it. There was a pool of water in front of the stairs that seemed to be thick with algae. Annie moved forward to go drink out of the pool, and as she did so, we could hear something stir from inside the cave.

Kroog sent his leopards forward to attack. As I moved up, I could see what appeared to be a grizzly bear. The leopards seemed to tear into the bear with great zeal, and made short work of it. As the bear died, it let out a sigh, and appeared to change into an old man before it withered to ashes. Obviously there was a story there that we would perhaps never know. I made a note to ask Jhod about it, maybe he would have some insight.

After the bear died, the pool cleared up, and the surrounding foliage seemed to become more colorful. Perhaps a sign that the temple was free to be used again. We explored the inside of the cave, but it appeared to be barren.

Desnus 12th and 13th – We rode south, getting near the edge of our charter. Most of the forest was empty, but we did chance upon a thylacine that was trapped in a pit. As Kroog neared the edge of the pit, the edge gave way, nearly trapping Kroog as well. Fortunately, Kroog was able to jump back.

As the thylacine was just a forest animal, and posed little threat to us, nobody in the group wanted to just kill it. We discussed various means for helping the animal get out of the pit. We eventually settled on felling a tree, and leaning it into the pit so the thylacine could climb out. We then moved away, so as to let the animal come out and go about its business.

Desnus 14th – we rode east, into the Kamelands. In the hilly terrain we came across a small valley that contained a great thicket. Upon closer inspection, the thicket contained fang berries! Looking closer, the bushes also seemed infested with spiders. Fizby used his frost magic to destroy the spiders, while not harming the berries. Kroog then deftly navigated the undergrowth, avoiding the thorns, and gathering the fang berries. We decided to camp out, and head back to Oleg's the next day.

Desnus 15th and 16th – we rode for most of the day, heading first to drop off the fang berries at Bokken's hut. With our reward, we ordered a potion of invisibility. It seemed like a useful item to have on hand. We then rode to Oleg's, arriving in the evening. We spoke to Jhod, and made arrangements to take him to the recovered temple. As Jhod had no horse of his own, I lent him Leeroy, which he promised to care for until I returned.

Desnus 17th –
We rode from Oleg's to the lost shrine of Erastil. Jhod was very pleased, and started preparing the temple for use. I gave Jhod Leeroy's toys, and made sure to instruct the priest on how to look after my horse.

Desnus 18th – We rode to the ruin where we encountered the boggard. Kroog used his magic to make the boggard speak common.

We learned that the boggard's name was Garum, and that he had been cast out of his tribe for attempting to usurp his chieftain. The others seemed to feel that Garum would be a decent ally. I had my doubts, but without actually witnessing any wrongdoing, I did not feel comfortable slaying him. However, if I hear rumors of this boggard harassing or murdering citizens, I would return to kill him personally. One important item of note from our conversation was that the boggard claimed the bandits had some sort of base somewhere near the Tuskwater.

Desnus 19th – We rode until nearly dusk, out of the Narlmarches, to the shores of the Tuskwater. Eventually we came to a hill upon which an old fortress was built. Observing the fort from afar, we noticed there were some guard towers along the palisade wall. There was one main road that lead up to the front gate. After a time, we noticed that the guards seemed focused on the main road, and generally unconcerned about the other directions.

As it was getting dark, Kroog and I decided to scout closer to the fort, using our darkvision. As we rounded the exterior of the fort, moving to within one hundred feet of the wall, suddenly zombies burst from the ground, and attacked! While I seemed to have no difficulty peppering the zombies with arrows, the zombies were quite resilient, and seemed to take several shots before they stopped attacking. Kroog, in the meantime, seemed to be confounded by zombies. After we destroyed the first four, another group rose up out of the ground. We decided to beat a hasty retreat back to where the others were camped out.

We discussed strategy, and Fizby told us that he could use his magic to create a bank of fog that we could hide in as we advanced up the main road. So inside the fog we crept up all the way to the fron gate. There, Kroog used his magic to make the gate fall off its hinges.

When the bandits came forth to investigate, we attacked. The first wave seemed to pose little challenge. As we pushed into the fort, one bandit declared that he would no longer follow the Stag Lord, and turned on his fellows. Shortly after that, the Stag Lord himself appeared. His helm looking like the skull of a stag. He held a composite bow, which he seemed to use to good effect, nearly eviscerating Annie with one shot.

Perhaps the Stag Lord was overconfident, for whatever reason, he ran forward to get mobbed by Kroog's leopards, and died very swiftly afterward. Upon the Stag Lord's death, an owlbear burst from its cage, intending to eat the leopards, but the leopards held their own, and soon the owlbear was defeated as well.

I turned to the bandit that changed allegiance and proceeded to question him...
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