Cleanup and back to the river
We are still in the room with the grate and the altar. We leave and survey the other room with a grate to the north. We decide to take an overnight rest here.

Wineday, 5th Feast of the Unmaking, 1197 md
In the morning, we do our things. Ferghus tries scouting out the water under the grate, and is attacked by a water wyrd. We defeat the wyrd and head back to the canoes. When we get to a certain point, we start to smell the stench of rotting bodies ahead and Arkane senses evil. We encounter some ghouls up ahead and combat ensues. We take care of them and dust ourselves off.
We arrive back at the river and get into our canoes. Once we're down the river a ways, we find a walkway about 10 feet above the river surface. Ahead of us is what looks like a natural formation that has been worked over time. There is also glowing lichen hanging from the cavern ceiling, which is very high up. In the area to our right is a 15 foot tall statue of a six-armed woman with a snake body. It appears to be carved from the purest marble, and her boobs are pretty spectacular. There is a large group of people spread through the area. One group is composed of Svrfneblin, deep gnomes. Another group is a larger encampment of Dwarves 3 dozen or more. Near the base of the statue is a group of 4 creatures we have never seen before; they appear to be cooking something in pots. Arkane does not sense that any of these groups are evil. On the other side of the river is another elevated walkway.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Nov 20 2016 from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM
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"Svrfneblin, deep gnomes"