6 Month Summary through Sarenith 4716
1,200pp kingdom wages for each of us. This is much higher than usual. I withdrew more BP during 2 KTs because our treasury is overflowing and I was about to build a bunch of Unrest-reducing buildings.

Abadius, 4716. The Greenmark takes advantage of an unusually mild winter to explore and trade. The Circle of the Acorn claims the remaining southern marches of the Greenmark. We encounter the giant Munguk, who joins our army for the promise of dwarven liquor.
     Greenmark renews its luxuries trade route with Absalom. From Absalom, merchants trade our dwarven single-malt whisky, juniper mead, fine fur garments, mirrors, and magic items throughout the world.

Calistril-Pharast, 4716. Construction begins on Shrikethorn's Artisan District. A local council of arts patrons, backed by the Doss bards, requests that we build an opera house in the Green District. One of the patrons offers to donate her noble villa to the cause. It is converted to the Greenmark Opera House.
     Issa grants patents of nobility, with accompanying grants of land and gold, to several members of the Circle of the Acorn and their allies:

Greyfeather, Patriarch of the Greenmark and Lord of the Temple of the Elk
Ganelin, Palsgrave of Candlemere
Corax, Margravine of Heathwick and Constable of the Realm
Bede, Lord Marshal of the Realm
Fang, Lord Sheriff of the Realm
Kesten, Lord Captain of the Realm
Oleg and Svetlana, Margrave and Margravine of Leveton
Galrin, Margrave of Trollgrad

Gozran, 4716. Continued research results in the amazing discovery of _____!
     Greenmark renews its raw materials trade route with Cassomir. Grenish barges laden with timber and ores ply the Sellen southward.

Desnus-Sarenith, 4716.
A coalition of zealots in Shrikethorn plots both openly and covertly for the ouster of poor Minister Kini! "She's been minding the fey too much, and the people not enough!" they say. The Queen shames them into submission while Ganelin and Corax hunt for the instigators, but popular sentiment still runs against the Minister.
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