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The Ascendants
Citizen's Arrest

He led with his smile, a bright unflagging thing he wore like a uniform. He pulled his imposing frame through the last few feet of portal between the wizard's universe and his own, stepping his golden boot gingerly onto the floor of the magic shop. Reflexively, his hands found their way to his hips as he took a deep breath of the New York air, releasing it with a contented sigh.

“Ah, another job well done...” he added quietly, “now to see to the innocent bystanders that...” his voice trailed off as his gaze met that of the soldiers around him. The store was not quite so empty as when he had left it. Through the windows of the shop, over the helmets of the dozen-or-so soldiers he could see Humvees forming a barricade around the building. He could hear the sound of helicopters circling above. The soldiers' assault rifles were trained on him. Standing as tall and broad as he did, he'd make for just a bit easier a target than the broadside of a barn.

Still that smile persisted. In a slow, deliberate effort he gave the young men and women a thumbs up. “Timely arrival, friends!” he laughed boisterously. “My name is Citi-”

“Citizen Stalwart,” a voice cut through the air, female, sharp, and authoritative. He quirked a brow at the approach of a single red beret, cutting through the soldiers like a shark's fin through the ocean before an angry looking woman stepped to the front. “Keep your weapons on him,” she commanded the the troops. “My name is Commander DeWinters, with the Terran Defense Initiative.”

“Commander...” the Citizen's voice trailed off, “There's no need for hostility -”

“I'll be the judge of that,” she spat. “Not enough that you had to invade a foreign nation, Aegis is attacking shops downtown?”

“Well, I shouldn't speak for Aegis, I'm just an associate they turned to for some help subduing a mad wizard in an alternate dimension... as one does,” he smiled brighter. “Though, I would submit for consideration – if the shop was their objective, I'm not so certain we'd be able to have a conversation inside of it.”

“I'm not interested in debate. Executive orders have come down. Aegis needs to be held accountable for their actions in Syria. The American People won't stand for them acting on their soil any longer. That goes for all of you A-holes.”

Citizen Stalwart's brow twitched at the use of vulgarity, but he could see how agitated the Commander was, out of respect for the uniform, he let it slide. “The American People won't stand for it. Hmm. Have you asked them?” He turned his attention out towards the street and stepped out from behind the counter.

The rifle muzzles snapped higher. “Not another step!” DeWinter's shouted.

“I'm asking you politely,” the Citizen stopped immediately, his voice softening in response. “Please don't fire. It's a confined space and I'm worried about the ricochet. I don't want to see any harm come to those who are serving their country.”

That garnered a few sidelong glances from the soldiers to each other as the Commander's cheeks reddened.

“That's enough,” DeWinters rumbled. “I'm empowered by the United States Government to take you into custody for questioning. Will you comply?”

That smile darkened a shade as the Citizen shook his head. “I'm sorry, Commander. Truth and Justice are all well and good, but I'm not so certain the American Way has the best interest of its people in mind anymore. Where the government has failed to protect its people, it falls as a duty to its citizens to remain stalwart and to protect each other with faith and love for our fellow human beings here and abroad.”

“You take another step and you won't be giving me any choice here,” Winter's snarled.

“Funny, I feel the same way...” the Citizen looked around to the soldiers in the all-to-small store. “If you fire, someone could get hurt...”

“And if you don't comply, my men are going to fire,” Winter's added darkly.

The Citizen's smile broke, then and only then. “You'll use your people's safety as leverage against me, don't you have any respect for their lives?”

“The only thing that matters is that the job gets done. Stand down, or else. That's the final time I'm asking.”

“It never really felt like you were asking, Commander,” his hands went up, fingers interlocking behind his head as he submitted.

“Oh? Sorry about that Stalwart. I'll try to work on my people skills in the future...” DeWinters offered a poisonous smirk as her men surrounded the hero, guns pointed directly at him from only a few feet away. They walked him out of the store at a deliberate and careful pace.

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Oh snap! 'dat DeWinters, she COLD!

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