It's a sad day indeed
Yesterday should have been a happy day of fun and laughter, what with the multitudes of ghouls, dragons, vampires, and giant bone-slime monsters, but I just can't put the bad part out of my head. The crypt was great and full of interesting things to fight (or not, in the case of the nightmare) and interesting characters to meet. Sir Klotzsky is the star of the castle so far, perfectly happy to help us along in his own clumsy way for simply pulling his sword out of him.

Yeah, something like this.

But even after all this awesome stuff and making it all the way across Barovia at night, another interesting experience, we ended up handing back the dragon's skull to Castle Argynvstholt. What I didn't realize, and what nobody told me, is that would lay all those revenants to rest. My eternal nemesis, my unkillable fight, is now gone. It's probably a good thing for the revenant and the world in general, but won't someone think of the half-orcs for once?

At least we're almost done with Strahd. There's not much left here that we haven't de/refiled with our presence, and I'm not sure how much longer we can wander around Ravenloft before we force a fight with Strahd.

Maybe I can hope he'll come back as my eternal revenant fight? If he does, maybe I can learn to respect him.
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I'm sure he'll earn your respect the hard way! The next time you face a vampire or vampire spawn, you can score a critical hit on a 19+. And gain 1 inspiration while you're at it.