Northern Water Tribe: Part Two - Political Punishment
We did it. We got Hakoda, the aunt of the Princess to admit what she had done. Her uncle, Paku tried to run away, but was stopped. We have managed to avert a major catastrophe in the Northern Water Tribe. In the process, Kohna almost died. He got greedy and wanted to keep a new fangled device that Varrick Corp had on top of a tower, just a a big 'rocket', like a huge firework slammed into it and exploded. They have some very nasty weapons. Someone needs to find where they are making them. They also had some sort of camera that could send a picture over a cable, a moving picture. They have made some really big advances in the past few years and managed to keep them quite for quite a while.

It looks like we have another trip into the Spirit World to find a cure for the Princess. sigh...
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