Week 01.1: Trouble in Havehollow
The heroes get advice from Stumbleduck's associate, who points them to Astebar in Havehollow, an arcane researcher who can help them decipher dreams and point them toward their goals. The team arrives in Havehollow, the nearest town to Astebar's manor, and stop for the night at an inn. There, they hear a haunting song from a bard named Riella (?), and discover that Astebar died 10 years ago when he delved too deeply into the source of a wand's eldritch power. Riella asks to go with the heroes to the manor the next morning, then retires to her room. The team asks the bartender about Riella, who claims to have no knowledge of any bard there that evening, and suggests the heroes have been drinking too much. The team is intrigued, and decides to meet this mystery bard the next morning...
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