Week 02: The Mystery of Astebar, Pt. 1
The heroes suspect that Riella the bard is a ghost or other spirit, but are unable to confirm this on the way to the manor. They arrive and walk through the gate and up to the house. The door is covered in runic patterns that are not recognized by the party, and they are suddenly hemmed in at the door to the manor when a huge rhinoceros appears behind them, acting highly aggressive. The team lurches through the door and slams it closed behind them just as the rhinoceros charges the team. Inside, the manor is full of cobwebs and dust. It has clearly been abandoned for years. They systematically search the ground floor, discovering a closet that resists being opened and which contains a skull with a marking that represents a phase of the moon. They proceed through the house, collecting a potion of faerie fire, completing an unfinished chess game to unlock the location of another skull, entering a room with dead butterflies that come to life when they open a jar filled with gems, and entering a dining room with eight headless skeletons seated at the table. In the dining room is a *very* nice painting of a full moon. The room adjacent to the dining room has a number of stone rats inside, and when the players enter, some are turned to stone while the rats become flesh! The rats are combated and the team eventually escapes the "room of petrification". The team next goes into the kitchen, where three apples, brightly colored red, blue, and yellow, lie on the table. Cali picks up one using Thorongil's blanket, and the blanket turns the color of the most recent apple it touched. Cali returns Thorongil's blanket, which passes the curse along and turns Thorongil blue. There is a pantry cloaked in darkness, which contains jars and another skull. The heroes head upstairs while avoiding Thorongil's "cursed blue Midas touch". The enter a bathroom that is raining, and Belljinx reaches into a nasty tub of cloudy water, only to awaken a giant frog. The frog leaps over Belljinx's head to try to land on and eat Stumbleduck, but crit fails and ends up flopped on his back, only to be summarily executed on Cali's shortsword. The next room is a dressing room with a mirror that tries to blind anybody who looks in the mirror. Nosirrag does so once and saves on being blinded, and decides to look again to see what would happen. Needless to say, he was blinded temporarily. The adventurers head to the next room and find a *very* comfortable four-poster bed in what appears to have been the master bedroom. They catch sight of a trapdoor overhead, and Z goes up to check out what's above. He finds another skull, being held in the hand of Riella the bard's corpse...
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These recaps are great!! Well done brother!