Valentine's Vengeance
Things got pretty twisted this year for Valentine's. A inadvertent wish and a vengeance demon wound up setting the entirety of town against Astrid. Poor Jason was nearly torn to shreds before we managed to undo the demon's twisted wish.
I'm really hoping for a nice quiet few weeks. Spring break is coming up soon, and I'm going to head out to Rose Castle. I plan on inviting Angela Darcy to come along. I'm going to ask Maryanne if she wants to invite anyone as well. It might also be a good break for Seumas wants to tag along. Give the man an excuse to head back to the old country.
I have this sneaking suspicion that the entire scooby gang is going to wind up rooming at my estate. I could probably spin it as an extra-curricular school trip and give everyone class credit somehow. It would have two, possibly three, teachers running the show. I would simply need to convince the principal, and avoid Boothe screwing it up completely. I think he's still got it out for Astrid after the food fight, and after his car was completely gutted in the parking lot.
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Love it! Give yourself a Drama Point for this one.