Leading someone to the light while others are in the dark
Thedian was happy to be back in Torch as it signaled that the latest leg of their journey was at an end, though he was at the same time truly sad as it concreted the fact that his friend Bricktooth was gone from the party. He had stayed in Scrapwall to be with his family and with the groups departure and return to Torch there would be no last minute change of heart. Thedian could not be selfish though and knew that the Teeth, Thedian's name for Bricktooth and his clan though he had long ago figured out that Tooth was not a family name, needed Bricktooth more and that they would have to continue without him. Thedian didn't talk much to anyone on their initial return as other's had better relationships with the key members of Torch, as well as he was not keen on talking to Khonnir after he had heard that he used to be a member of the Technic League.

"I would not have helped save him had I known." Thedian thought to himself as he eyed the man during the groups conversation with him. "I do not trust him wholly."

As the day turned into night Thedian went through all the things he knew he'd have to take care of before their journey led them away from Torch again and also before another member of their party left them. Sumov would not be continuing on with them and Thedian had need of information that one of Sumov's contacts could provide to him. Thedian made sure to catch Sumov when he was alone not wanting the rest of the group to think his focus was not on their main mission.

"Friend Sumov I need you to check with your family and provide me information on Sanvill Trett. He was sent to meet with one of your kin to be placed with a caravan so that he could stop his association with the Technic League. He was also to provide me with information on my missing mother."(awaiting other part of conversation from Sumov.
Thedian spoke quicker than he normally did hoping the speed of his words would effect the speed of the return of information.

Trusting in Sumov's abilities to get him his required information it was time for Thedian to once again take care of something without the group, including Sumov, knowing about it. He pulled the hood of his cloak over his head and kept to the shadows and avoided the main streets. Without his armor on Thedian was able to show the elven grace and stealth he possessed making sure to not catch anyones eye before he made it to the temple of Brigh. He nodded a greeting to Joram Kite the cleric of Brigh not saying a word as the old priest knew why Thedian was here. He continued down a hallway until he came to a closed door where he breathed in deeply and tried to clear his head.

Thedian did not like being secretive, nor doing anything that gave him a feeling of being underhanded but this was something he had to do. He remembered the dream he had the night that he had branded Sanvill Trett, the one where Desna had spoken to him. "Now go. There are those that praise false idols and I need for you to show them the power of a true deity." That is what she had said to him. Thedian was about to show someone the love Desna could give.

He opened the door and a half smile crossed his face as he saw her. "You're a sight for sore eyes. How are you doing this night Lady Meyonda?" He bowed out of respect and to overt his eyes to not get lost in hers. Thedian knew there was something about her the first time he had meet her. Even though she had been his enemy he could not help but see parts of his mother in her. The strong will, but an underlying softness, the religious fervor though for the wrong god, and her unique though stunning beauty. He took an empty seat by the door and meet her eyes again awaiting to see how this meeting would play out.

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