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Great discovery!
Saw a low flying plane today and followed it hoping to find the wreckage. Fresh bodies and all but in stead i was ambushed by a terrifying child and a lusciously coated simian. My luck increased then! Not just 1 but 2 new simian subjects, i mean, friends! The other is a perfect specimen of physical aptitude, maybe i could modify my serum to give me some of that. I need more of my kind though. I do now have a Synth and a human, but shes smrat and likes poison. Maybe Ill learn from her a different way than opening her up. Also! A new home. I now have a fantastic research area, though i would have liked the kitchen, but i guess thatll be in the way. And dont tell any of them. I got 4 hairs from that lucious simian i can finally resume my experiments. Finally so computer that runs this facility, for now, wants ua to go to another facilty to check on stuff. If their med bay is as stocked as this one i have now qualms taking all that stuff, i mean checking on the safety of the other site!
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