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We are approaching the city of Cam, and noticing quite a lot of disruption in the normal routine.

Fireday, 12th Trocken, 1197 md
Beska manages to connect with Eddie finally, and she asks him what’s going on in the city. At that time, we’re also approaching the city on the road. We get into a bottleneck caused by the security checkpoint at the gate. It sounds like there’s a nighttime curfew in place in the city.
At some point before we get to the gate, we notice that Taranee has disappeared.
When we get into the city, we are rejoined by Sima. We are informed that the city council decided to impose a sunset curfew about a week ago. There have been incursions into the city by bugbears of late. We ask who to talk to if we’d like to volunteer to help, and the guard directs us to the city tower.
The staging area for caravans is completely empty, but the marketplace is still open. We head to our rental house to recombobulate, except for Drox, who is going directly to the city tower.
Drox gets information on the Bugbear mission from the city watch captain Lakoor.
Sima fills us in on what she’s been up to.

After doing some inventory management and buying and selling, we decide to check out the noises that have been going on in the attic of our rental home. We find a bunch of stirges nesting up there, so we decide to go ahead and clear them out.
Session: Game Session - Sunday, Jul 16 2017 from 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM
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