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Another blasted cargo hold.
Least this time I wasn't thrown in; shackled and blindfolded. Don't know why I agreed to this. Was doing just fine in the city. Lots of greedy people in the city, always wanting what others got. Perfect place for an entrepreneur such as myself. Women, gold, and ale flowed easy. Gonna miss it...

Bah, but I am a scoundrel of my word. I owed Jareth, and someone had to take the fall, best that I just disappeared...

Strange group we got. Lizardfolk, dwarves, commoners, fancyfolk, all sorts been getting on the boats. One prick was even staring at my prick while I laid in my cot, like he'd never seen one before.

Gonna be a boring voyage, endless water was never much good for sightseeing.
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