Burning Blaze
1) Eliminate Kardswann
2) Prevent Red Hand from locating Wave-Echo Cave
3) Free Gundren + Townsfolk

Estimated ~100 troops. So we need to be sneaky/indirect in our methods.

We make the two-day trek to Phandalin. About half a day's ride we find three sets of bloody footprints. These might belong to refugees.

We come upon a campfire; I go ahead and scout. As I get close I discover they're all dead, and hobgoblins spring a trap on me. They knock me down and bound me, but Tywin kills enough of them and I can break free. I get grabbed again by a bugbear. I get knocked out but eventually all of the hobgoblins and bugbear are slain.

We rest. Bartimeus leaves the area after a big fight with Nissa, and the rest of us press on without him.

We arrive near Phandalin. Grigor sneaks in disguised as a hobgoblin. He eventually gets thrown into their arena, and is pitted against Bartimeus. They persuade Kardswann to fight them, and together they kill Kardswann (with Nissa's lightning). But other hobgoblins start to charge once they kill Kardswann.

Inn gets set on fire, and I rush to it to free as many prisoners as possible. I freed the upstairs prisoners, and on the way out I had the option of saving myself or a little kid. I threw the kid out the window to save him, but in doing so I was trapped in the burning blaze. Thus I have met my end.
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