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Tuesday Night 7-25-17
In our last adventure, Xander continued to stand guard at the South East stairwell of the upper level of the Palace, while Virion, Kazrak and Fin continued to explore the upper level.
At the beginning of our adventure tonight Kazrak's bear companion Smokey continued to lay unconscious from coming in contact with a Gelatinous Cube. Virion was still scouting rooms with his Detect Magic spell. And Kazrak had come in contact with a small black domestic cat that when approached polymorphed into a viscous panther.
Fortunately for Kazrak, the panther made a critical fail, while trying to leap at the half orc the great cat slipped, catching his chin on the foot of the bed frame and stunning himself for just long enough for Kazrak to brain him with his mace.
Meanwhile in the abandoned laboratory across the hall, Fin inadvertently activated a green Crystal Warrior statue bringing it to life. With some team work, some sandwiching and some backstabbing, the group managed to shatter the warrior and salvage his dragon crested shield and long sword. Virion also found 3 spells wedged into the ransacked bookshelf.
Smokey regained consciousness, groggily shaking off the paralyzation effect of the Gelatinous Cube and with the help of some of the plentiful healing water continues on with the party.

Returning to the South West corner of the palace, where Virion had previously scouted, they discovered more Ubes; the three headed, muliti-gendered, primitive clan that seems to be patrolling this floor. Kazrak cast darkness on a room of 4 unsuspecting Ube guards as he sent Smokey in to finish them off. The group then used the element of surprise and team work to continually sandwich and corner the Ubes within this connected group of living quarter rooms.
The last Ube standing was the leader and he was knocked unconscious. The group decided to revive him with enough healing water to interrogate him. What they found out was that the Ubes had been conjured to this level of the Palace by Catharandamus and evil cleric. The evil Cleric threatens the well being of the clan's women and children in order to get the men to comply with him and to aid him in patrolling this level of the palace while he conducts wicked magical experimentation. Furthermore, the ruby which your group knows as "My Lady's Heart" seems to be at the center of these magical conjuring's. Catharndamus also refers to the ruby by a more sinister name; "The Eye of Erik".
Through the halfing thieves' charismatic dealings with the captive Ube, he reveals that the demented Cleric can be found in the north west corner of this level. He also gives warning of the master bedroom on the way to the Cleric, it has been fouled with magical experimentation gone awry. A deal is stuck with the Ubes through their leader and he clams the party may safely use these living quarters as a base of operations, and that speaking his name to any other Ubes they come in contact with will gain them safe passage in return for freeing the Ube clan from the grip of Catharandamus. But the Ubes will not stand with you and directly fight against the Cleric for fear of their families being slaughtered.
The leader of the Ubes scurries off to warn the Ubes of the conflict to come and the party prepares to bed down for the night, pray for spells, study spell books, and get some rest and rations.
Till next time.........
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