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Tuesday night 8-1-17
The party awakes in the living quarters after an uneventful night.
Based on the info they obtained from the Ubes they decided to head north up the long corridor in search of the evil cleric, Catharandamus.
At the end of the corridor, Virion the Elven mage discovered a secret door that lead to a portcullis. The half orc, Kazrak with the aid of his brown bear, Smokey bent their way through the portcullis and continued to explore northward.
Virion discovered some magic scrolls on an abandoned bookshelf and in the same irregularly shaped room the halfling thief, Fin found three strange looking red eggs stashed in an old, dead potted plant.
Directly adjacent to this odd shaped room, the party discovered a haunted room, brimming with paranormal activity. After the thief had been bonked on the head with small wooden balls from a bed post and the magic user had narrowly avoided being assaulted by flying drawers, the party decided to back out of this room and continue exploring.
They next discovered both a ball room and a temple room. At this point the party split up with Fin moving silently into the ball room, and the cleric investigating the temple room, while the magic user was on overwatch from a raised observation level above the temple floor.
After a short time, the evil cleric Catharandamus emerged from a secret doorway into the temple and began to converse with Kazrak. Catharandamus seemed boastful, welcoming and open to conversation. As the two clerics talked shop a bell was heard to be reverberating from across the hall. The magic user abandoned his overwatch command and went to investigate what the halfling may have gotten himself into.
In the ballroom the halfling thief, Fin had awoken a huge and vicious marble snake from its hiding place inside a giant bell suspended from beams between 4 large marble pillars. Fin felt some kind of magic trying to overcome him as the snake made an eerie whistling sound. Fin was able to resist the Marble snakes thrall. However, upon entering the room the magic user succumbed to the snakes charming whistle and inexplicably is drawn closer and closer to the snake. Fin attempts to physically restrain the magic user from approaching the snake and failing to do so instead attacks the snake in hope of breaking its power over Virion.
With a well placed axe blow between the snakes eyes, Fin breaks the spell the massive serpent had over the magic user.
Back in the Temple room, a female human and two dwarven fighters emerge to join Catharandamus as back up. At this time, Kazrak and Smokey decide it wise to back out of that room and reconnect with the rest of the party. They join the battle in the ball room and shortly thereafter Smokey mauls the Marble snakes face with a mauling attack, and the snake is killed.

Kazrak fills the party in on the conversation he had with Catharandamus, informing the party that Catharandamus wishes the party join him in his evil plan and offered them some kind of libations. Apparently the "eye of Arik" is some kind of dimensional portal or vessel that Catharandamus plans on accessing. He also learns that Catharandamus is working for another more powerful wizard by the name of Keraptis. Catharandamus is to return to this Kerpatis with the result of this magical work with the Eye of Arik. What that work is or what its expected results may be are yet unknown.

Kazrak and Virion both collect venom from the marble snake, Kazrak also guts the snake discovering more of the mysterious red eggs. And in exploring somewhat in the ballroom they discover an overgrown balcony cover with the same vampiric plants they encountered in the garden. They decide the vines are not easily overcome and decide to deal with the cleric first. The party devises an attack plan and returns to the temple room.

Virion stations himself on the high ground of the adjacent observation room once again, this time nocking posion dipped arrows and awaiting in ambush. Fin, Kazrak and Smokey enter the two sets of double doors into the temple as simultaneously Virion lets his arrows fly and melee ensues.
Virion paralyzes the cleric and a dwarf as a battle rages, eventually as the tables turn for the evil party, the female fighter transforms into a Werebear, which viciously attacks Kazrak, clawing and biting him. Smokey steps up and manages to overcome the werebear.
With all of his henchmen taken out, the evil Catharandamus flees back through the secret passageway from which he originally emerged, but not before Fin gets an opportunity attack and strikes the cleric as he flees through the passage way. Kazrak pursues the cleric into the adjoining room and knocks him unconscious with his mace.
The party is victorious and finds the evil clerics treasure stash including the Eye of Arik, a mace, silver, gold, fire agates, a potion and 15 small bottles they assume is the libations. Virion revives the female fighter from the brink of death and learns of her allegiance to Catharandamus and briefly of her lycanthropy and how he helped her learn to control it. Virion realizes there is a chance Kazrak has been infected with said lycanthropy.
The party also stabilizes and revives Catharandamus in hopes of learning all the details of his evil plan, who his boss is and where to find him.

And next meeting we will find out what the party learns.
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