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Catharandamus Interrogation
The party (mostly by Kazraks invasive orcish techniques) aggressively interrogates Catharandamus. They come up with the following information;

-Catharandamus was conducting magical works on the Eye of Arik to try and free Arik of the Hundred Eyes from his special dimensional prison. He was banished there ages ago for his crimes.

-He mentions the goblins who patrol the lower level and the Ubes both came from the land of Pomari far to the south off the Woolly Bay. And that Keraptis is stocking many of his troops from this land.

-He was employed by the evil wizard Keraptis to do this work. Keraptis has apparently been collecting magic weapons and humanoid followers and plans some nature of attack to take place in the near future.

-He had reached an impasse in his works with the Eye of Arik and was unable to free Arik from the prison dimension on his own. He sent word of such to Keraptis and was instructed to bring the Eye to him with the hope that their combined magicks could produce the desired results.

-Keraptis instructed Catharandamus to bring the Eye of Arik to him in the White Plume Mountains. He was instructed to follow a narrow pass through the Tower of the Sun mountain range, skirt around the rift canyon to approach White Plume Mountain from east avoiding the Great Swamp. Look for the Wizard's breath. Catharandamus removes a leather scroll tube from his robes. Unscrews the lid and hands you a map. While the party looks over the map, he discretely slides a capsule from a compartment in the base of the tube and ingests it. Within seconds he is foaming at the mouth and writhing around on the floor. He is dead shortly thereafter.
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