Never Again
We entered the cave and fought skeletons and a disgusting monster composed of rotting body parts. Jerdan did not last long in the fight and Kyra dragged him out of harm’s way whilst I slew the creature. Theo, during the battle, found a way farther into the cave and interrupted the necromancer’s ritual. By the time I met back up with them, they had killed the necromancer. What a sight that was: Jerdan holding the old man and Theo stabbing him. His last words were “You’ll never stop us!” before he died. It was a lead at least. I just wish they had interrogated him before sinking a blade into his chest. There was nothing left to do in the cave so I told them I was heading back into town.

A little later on, Theo suggested that we celebrate at the tavern. I agreed but decided not to drink too much. Theo and Kyra were acting strangely. They were trying to talk to me and it was awkward. They haven’t ever been that chatty with me before. I was suspicious, of course. They wanted something. I never figured out what it was though. Anyway, Rar kept pushing the party to try his kind of ale. It was good but strong. Later in the evening, a very handsome man sat across from me. He had black hair and blue eyes. We talked for a while but he eventually left. I thought it was going well but I may not be remembering the conversation properly. Oh well, his loss.

Not long after he left, I was feeling the effects of Rar’s ale. I didn’t realise but I had downed two pints of that stuff. weird. Colours were popping and I remember just feeling good. I don’t know what was in the ale, but I’ve never experienced that kind of intoxication before. Kyra and I talked for a bit and she suggested that I arm wrestle Rar. I did and only won the last round, which is impressive considering my state at the time. It was getting late and the effects of the ale were worsening so I decided to head back to the hotel. I fell to the ground. I couldn’t walk properly. I was far more intoxicated than I realised.

Theo helped me back to the hotel. I don’t remember much after that. I remember Kyra and Theo were in my room for a while. I got to play with that adorable creature Kyra keeps with her. Although, I believe she was jealous that it was getting along with me so well because she picked it up and placed it on her shoulder. They left and I crashed on the bed.

I awoke with the worst hangover I have ever had. I don’t think I will ever drink that ale again. I really don’t remember drinking that much. We left Delimar that morning to return to the guild hall.
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