High Council
We made it back to the guild hall in one piece. Theo explained to the guild leader the results of the mission and showed her the necromancer’s tattoo. It was the first time I had seen it: a fractured circle of glass. Her eyes widened and she tells us that she must assemble the guild’s High Council. She mentioned something about a calamity that happened a century ago and the one that started it had the same symbol that’s on the tattoo. Apparently, the leader was her older brother and she banished him to the shadow plane. What? How old is she? She said that happened over 100 years ago!

She invited us to attend the High Council meeting. Theo, Kyra and I decide to go. I’m glad I went. It was quite interesting. They spoke of abnormalities from all across the land and eventually concluded that the source of these disturbances is originating in the west, in a city called Gildek. Spoke of rifts to shadow planes but I wasn’t following most of that. It was beyond my expertise. They said the name Tycius many times throughout the meeting.

After the meeting was adjourned, we went to lunch to discuss what we had heard during the meeting. That name they mentioned multiple times during the meeting belongs to the guild leader’s older brother. So Tycius is the one she banished to the shadow plane. It’s becoming clearer now. I guess we will have to go to Gildek and clean up her mess. That’s fine by me.
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