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The first adventure
Molo is very irritated. Molo hunts and finds food for the group. Molo saves the humans from the night prowlers with his powerful death magic. Molo worries that the humans who are creating houses around him will be liabilities in the future. All this work and Molo gets nothing. Molo almost died at sea. Frank invite Molo on adventure, but Frank knows not where the adventure will go. Molo was starving on the ship with the humans. Molo had decided to eat Frank first. Molo was annoyed with his instructions for making sails. Molo is not one to judge but Molo finds it odd that Frank wants so badly to live in the Highthorne manor. Humans are strange. If lizardman wanted to sleep with lizardman...Molo doesn't want to think about it.

Molo has taken extra time to teach Mr. Highthorne how to fish. The human has good instincts however, Molo feels especially bad because he was not born for this world. While other humans have to don metal to protect themselves, this poor spirit must use magic just to make his human tools useful. He spent an hour just using magic on his boots. Molo will protect this poor human.

Molo has sensed a disturbance in the spirits. The night prowlers have shown Molo that there is an unatural force in the jungles, fueling the beasts with rage. Molo plans to investigate. Molo seeks fellow comrades...Who can take care of them selves.

The heroes of Raven's Roost are more skilled than humans Molo has seen before, but they are still humans. Molo will have to be the village guardian to ensure that theses unequipped humans can survive. Perhaps this realization will lead people to give Molo the wood needed to complete his shaman temple.
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