Thoughts on recent events

Today I put thought to paper to address issues I have with the verse and to clear up some ideas about me. Of late I’ve had a good deal of trouble thanks to the TWO MILLION CREDIT! Bounty on my head. Let me say for the record, bounty hunter are the verses lowest form of scum.
In the time of war, I took great pain not to harm civies or take hostages (something my fellow officers did far too often) In the case of the bounty hunter, the dread ultimatum and hostage, hostage I have a hostage seem to be par for the course. I can’t tell if they are lazy, cowardly or both. They will do anything to get that bounty. “Yes sir by crackie , out here on the rim they will fuck a leper for a plat. It makes me want to blow chow.
Take Mercy Black (bounty hunting legend in her own mind) This dain bramaged bitch gets my beloved crew (here after referred to as my or the children) into a trap. The idea bing that I turn myself over without a fight, she gets the TWO MILLION CREDITS and spends the rest of her days surrounded by servant dew (servant do this, servant do that, God everyone a Wing want to be)
Meanwhile the children (clever little bastards that they are) slip the trap and come in behind me. The ship I was on was unarmed, The “BLACK SUN RAISING” had one gun, Ms Black’s ship had an e m p generator , guns and I don’t know what all else. With a clear tactical advantage, she turned and ran, DO YOU HEAR ME, RAN! No way I can respect the bitch after that. So I told everyone I knew that”when the going got though, Black got going in the opposite direction” Oh, least I forget the children blew out her bridge and I got on her ship. Therefore in a pout, SHE BLEW IT UP! Good thing I got out in time.
So, now Ms black is on a tear, killed two of my good friends and my Da’, all to make me come out and turn myself over to her. That I can not, will not do.. Did I love those I lost YES!, do I fear death at the hands of the enemy NO! What I do fear is being turned into a mindless “meat puppet “ disavowing everything I now hold true and all the good the children and I have done for the “brown coats” Thus I have sent my charges fore in full faith that they can put an end to Black’s shite. I have never doubted for one second they can survive without me . Rather I doubt I could survive out there without them.
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