So all of this, this, this nonsense, all of it, was so my little sister could be famous. More famous than me.

So my dad could prove that Coraline was his favorite.

So they could thumb their noses at me, pull the stunt in my city, show that they didn't care what I did about it.

My dad, wanting to show me that he's stronger than me, his mere creation. And he's right in some ways - I didn't anticipate that he would have shrunk himself into that piece of equipment, just to get himself into our base. (But I did impress him by holding up that building, even if only for that brief moment.)

He's right, though. I'm not on board with the “family’s plans” anymore. I mostly just see the waste of it, the great risk for a measly reward. I've taken a step back, and seen the larger picture. And frankly, I'm kind of horrified at some of the things my family - that I've done.

Coraline can have her fame. I just want them to stop destroying innocent people's lives.
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