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Tuesday Night 8-29-17
After defeating the wizard Catharandamus, the party looted the wizards secret treasure room and continued to clear the top level of the palace before continuing down to the ground level.
Back near the entrance they encountered a water filled cave area, the cave pond was host to a dozen floating bubbles. The bubbles attacked, when striking they employed a paralyzation effect and were attempting to drown a couple of party members. After narrowly defeating the bubbles a bag of 133 gold pieces and a silver wolf head ring were found in the pond.
At the entrance Fin was reunited with his pony Root Beer, and Smokey the bear parted ways with Kazrak, returning to the wild.
The party returned to town where they decided to withhold some vial info, including the Eye of Arik ruby, when reporting to the towns evil Baroness the Lady D'hmis. The party claimed to not have found the Eye of Arik and instead presented D'hmis with a paltry offering of a lesser ruby. Suspicious as she might have been, the Lady D'hmis seemingly accepted their story and also accepted the lesser ruby from the party and offered them nothing but room and board for their troubles in the Palace.
What the Lady was unaware of was that the Assassin/evil Cleric Kazrak had placed a contact poison on the ruby.
The party stayed only one night to avoid being around when the Lady D'hmis started to deteriorate from the poisoning effect. When they awoke in the morning the fighter Xander was gone. He took his portion of the loot and his belongings and just vanished. The party suspects Xander just turned tail and ran. The party decided to head overland to the west.
Over the next two days they stopped briefly in a small village called Oxton, information gather and continue to head west where they hear of a bigger city called Watton.
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