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Serious Wiz Biz
Tuesday night 9-12-17
After a short morning journey, the party found itself approaching the walled garrison city of Redspan.
After entering the city through the eastern Gladstone gate, the party stabled their horses (and pony) at Hammer and Anvil. They visited the cartographer and validated the details of their hand drawn map. They visited the Three Legged Mare, better know to the locals as the Wonky Donkey. Here they got more info about the town from the bar keep and learned of a mercenary guild called the Dogs of War, and a mages store called Wyvernspur's Magical World of Wonders. The party also decided to get room and board here at the Wonky Donkey at least for a couple of nights or for as long as they stay in Redspan.
The Party visited the Mercenary Guild and got more info about the wizard Keraptus and was offered to join the Guild by the Guilds liasion Ter Welker. At this point, not needing money the party passed on the offer but agreed to keep a flow of information going. They also heard from other mercenaries about a strange Oracle in a town called Kinemeet to the west in the Banditlands.
Virion traded up some new spells in the magic store.
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