Journal entry V.3 #4 DG
I have spent now a few days in this city. I have met my message acquaintance Nikolai in person, that was interesting. He pledged his loyalty as my retainer in this land which should be both beneficial to his social standing and beneficial as my connection to this land, also having someone loyal could be nice just as a perk of its own.

I may not have seen the end of this yet though there is something obviously related with the rift and these necromancers of this city, furthermore I believe it may be somehow rooted in the council itself. As I noble I am not quite as aware of these political maneuvers used in this pseudo-meritocracy, but something going on her is obviously not right and I have an inkling of some of the major figures at play just barely. For one thing, it's obvious the players want a degree of separation, by the fact alone that they send an outsider like me to shadow this Dave fellow rather than one of their own. Oh well all I know is that the only darkness allowed to befall the city is my great presence and its mysterious background, not some political discourse and treachery. What an utter laugh like thats more compelling than my dark past.

I swear if the history spoken of this period does not at least dabble into the utter incomprehensible mystery of my past, and neglects it for the laughable mess of a hardly functioning political system I will rain fury on the fraudulent historians who write such vehement lies.

But I digress. I truly believe after some time spent here that this is where I should be as of present. I think that if anyone were to correct the mishaps of these ill informed casters that would be me, by somehow plugging that godforsaken hole in the sea that is stopping the money stream home which is in-turn stopping my opportunities to bring justice to this otherwise chaotic world.


If you find this and are reading this, past my unfortunate demise, please refrain from releasing this widely. I am currently looking into having this contain a map to somewhere as incentive to stop individuals from releasing this publicly. All the best D.G
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