Aja's Diary, Sixth Day of Descending Water
With all that has been happening to us, I have hardly had time to write. Since my last entry we arrived in Sumpter to find a nearly desolate town full of hopeless people. Kovoyave is hardly the inside man I expected, and the foreman of the mine seems to struggle to get anything done. I am not usually a fan of parties and large gatherings, but I have never seen a town that needs those things so badly.

The festivities seem to be working so far. Tempestraii, the local wind god, pointed us towards Alta Turre. Climbing the mountain was miserable and exhausting, as expected, but with the company of a couple of villagers camp seems more cheerful than before. Even with our near-death encounter with a rock golem, it feels as if we are close to completing our goal so we can return home.

During all these events, I have been cold and homesick and exhausted. Sometimes I feel that I am the weakest of my companions, or at the very least the worst suited to the cold environment. Even though I feel as if I am watching them be the heroes I wish I could be, I still feel as if I have chosen the right path. Twice now I have been filled with a sudden burst of warmth from within myself. I don't know what it means, or even if it's real or just a feeling, but I know I am on the right path.
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