When did I start worrying over Agent Starkey? I mean, it's always been his job to keep us in line. And I understand why some in the SOC want o keep us on a short leash... but hte idea that they'll never let us get anywhere at all is kind of galling....

But it's not even that I worry about what we might get instead of him, as that I worry about what they'll do to him. Weird.

And now I am worried about what they're going to do to Loki. I never ended up in one of the really BAD places, but after what we saw with Reiedra, and some of the things DD has let drop... Where will they put her, and for how long? I mean, stealing some apples can't be worth a long stretch in a dark hole. Not really.... right?

But the madness never stops... now we have a kidnapping. By a dolphin. A dolphin has kidnapped someone.

Life is interesting....

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