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The Red Hand
New maps uploaded, "Maps" category created
There's still a LOT of work to do these maps, but I wanted to make you guys aware of some of the newest entries. Also, I classified them all together into a "Maps" category.
Map of Central Dendil - This gives you a view of the continent of Dendil, and where Elsir Vale falls into place.
Elsir Vale - A closer view of the Elsir Vale
The Brindol Region - The Eastern Coast of Dendil in the area of Brindol
Brindol Region II: The Witchwood, Heart's Hammer Mountains, HammerFast Hold, Drellin's Ferry
Brindol City Map - Many landmarks remain to be called out, and the final version will contain a legend
Brindol City - Wharfs and Warehouse District
Brindol City - Lord Sokoda's Manor - The manor of Lord Sokoda.

The marked areas on these last two maps are:

  1. The Antler and Thistle tavern
  2. Town Hall and Council Chambers
  3. Sokoda Manor
  4. Stables and wooded area on manor grounds
  5. Lord Sokoda owns this area outright, and had it razed to build high density housing for his servants.

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