Order of the Gauntlet Field Report – 20 Mirtle
To: Alastar Bol

Your frustrations were indeed warranted. Niles Breakbone was found in no condition to lead.

Our party arrived at Camp Vengeance in the midst of an attack. An undead Ogre and a cadre of smaller zombies stormed the camp gate. My companions and I rushed from the river landing toward the fray. Our wizard cast a spell of web to ensnare the undead. I engaged one of the minions and directed our Paladin toward the front lines. We were able to defeat the foes but not before they had damaged the barricades and slain one of the men. The undead had strange blue triangles on their foreheads.

I spoke with the acting leader, Captain Salhana who informed me that Breakbone left some days prior on a promise of vanquishing the undead curse in the region by sanctifying a holy site. This combined with his other foolhardy decisions gave me initial cause to doubt his ability to properly lead this camp.

Before we set out to retrieve Breakbone, an assessment of Camp Vengeance was taken. The accommodations were sorry to say the least. Latrines overflowed, food stores were diminished, and many of the men had fallen ill. Our Paladin and Undril assisted Sister Cyas in the infirmary. Our Wizard spoke with Firebeard who confirmed my suspicion that Breakbone had undertaken a fool’s errand. He was swayed by the musings of a witch.

We continued up the river – a two-day journey. We discovered some yacha beetles which are useful in creating a remedy for the fever spreading through the camp. I pickled the beetles for later use. When we arrived at the Shrine to Ubtao we were beset by cannibals. Our Paladin was hexed by a witch doctor. While he battled the illusion, I charged toward the Cannibals. Our Wizard and Druid guide littered the battlefield with webs and roots, trapping many of the villains. We defeated the cannibals and captured the witch doctor who also had the triangle on their forehead. The witch doctor works for Ras Nsi. We have a hint of a location which we may investigate in the future.

We made our way into the shrine. The party Wizard was able to solve the riddle barring initial entrance. At the center we found Wulf Rygor’s desecrated corpse being used for some dark ritual. We were attacked by a Yuanti and a Wight – both with the triangles on their forehead. We were able to defeat the threats and escaped with our lives. We found Breakbone rambling in the corner – his mind clearly driven mad with the witch’s influence.

We returned to Camp Vengence. On your authority, I promoted Ord Firebeard to commander in charge. He intends to stay posted at Camp Vengence. If there are any available resources, I suggest you send reinforcements as soon as available. Please thank Undril for her services.

Pogwe, Order of the Gauntlet
Session: Camp Vengeance - Friday, Dec 29 2017 from 9:15 PM to 1:15 AM
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Templar Pogwe-

You have done well. I support your decision to demote Commander Niles Breakbone and promote Ord Firebeard. I met Firebeard briefly when he first arrived in Chult, a good man, likes his drink. I am curious why you promoted Firebeard over Perne Salhana, as she was Breakbone's second, and a competent soldier as I recall. As for Breakbone, once he gets his head back on straight the Order will find some other way for him to serve. He was an excellent fundraiser for the cause prior to volunteering for this assignment. Perhaps upon his return to Baldur's Gate he can continue his service in that fashion.

I am unable to comply with your request for reinforcements to Camp Vengeance at this time. As I told you before our latest supply ship from Baldur's Gate has not arrived, and was probably taken by pirates. Zindar the Harbormaster says the waters around Port Nyanzaru are becoming increasingly dangerous for commerce. While more soldiers are out of the question, I can send along an engineer to help with the layout of the Camp. I've seen that some of the Chultans who live near the river raise their houses up above the mud and the flood. Perhaps something similar could be accomplished at Camp Vengeance.

I would like you to collect more information on this Ras Nsi character. Prioritize this if possible. I have a few other sources suggesting that the origin of the undead plague is somewhere along the west coast of the peninsula. You mentioned you know of a location for Ras Nsi but didn't mention where - please send me that information as soon as possible. I'm slowly piecing this puzzle together.

I hereby promote you to rank Marcheon in the Order of the Gauntlet. Congratulations!

Yours in the Order,
Alastar Bol, Whitehawk
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