Letter to dad #3
The writing on this page is messier than Fritzy's normal handwriting as if her hands were shaking the entire time she wrote the first paragraph being the worst, the page has several small waterstains on the boarders. It appears to have been written on at least two seperate occasions due to the stabilization of the writing.

Dear Daddy
I almost died! That monster was really really really bad we're taking a long break from it because we got hurt really, really bad but we killed it, it spewed acid and ate people and spewed acid while it ate people and grew extra mouths and roared and was so massive and it tore people up, no one died but I couldn't get in to heal anyway, I couldn't help other than protecting them from the elements before hand. I felt so weak, so small, so useless they were all getting so badly hurt and all I could do was cower.

I prayed to Nethys extensively after, I prayed for the power to never be weak again and through my prayers and studies I found something. The spells I once poured over seem to shift out of focus when I try to read them but there's something new in me. I talked to Sco about this weakness and she started showing me how to fight like a warrior and the armour didn't bother my magic. I could cast while protected it was something remarkable. My spells are very flashy now but I like that.

Wish you were here, hugs and kisses.

At this point Fritzy has protected her letter with invisible ink so if the content of these letters are seen as in character [I.E Fritzy showing it to someone who sees her writing], the following section is out of character knowledge exclusively.
I'm writing you this in secret daddy but, i'm scared, i'm really scared. A cult got killed for not being of lamashtu, on paper it's for the murders but our queen cared little for them until lamashtu was brought into things. I'm afraid that Nethys might be in the crosshairs some day and I fear for the future. Perhaps it's paranoia but daddy, I love you and I love mommy too. She really does miss you and I miss you too. Maybe you could help make sense of things but they would probably kill you so, please even though I miss you never come here without a lot of protection and make sure mommy never comes either. I don't know what i'd do if I lost either of you, and Daddy the wayward path would still love to have someone like you with them, you don't have to stay in one place and they're good people. It would be nice to be able to talk to you for real, through the book... I have to go i'm starting to cry.

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