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Death of an Age
Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 8)
Just like the passing of the seasons, the five friends scattered to the four corners of creation, seeking fame, fortune, or just to understand what their new place was in the scheme of things. For five years, they rediscovered themselves and saw the land and its people in a whole new light. However, like the flowing of rivers, eventually, all things run back together and so it was for the fate of these five.

Gathered together once again, in a small costal town, the group shared stories of their travels and bonds were formed easily once more. As the night grew late and the drinks empty, the discussion turned not to the past, but to the future. Several of the members had heard stories of a fabled island lost in time.

The story were as many as the details were sparse, but what they did know was that the island housed a very powerful manse, once owned by a first age solar. It was said to never stay in the same place for more than a day. It had been lost to creation and time itself, but if anyone could find it, surely it was this group.

With this goal in mind, they stole a ship out from under the realm in the middle of the night and made off for the island with haste. It would take them a month to reach and they had only that amount of time until calibration.

The first two weeks of the trip went without event, aside from the occasion of one of Kalsang's followers who were without sealegs, losing their lunch or the occasional storm. These calmer days were not to last however because just after two weeks had passed, a ship appeared in the distance behind them. It moved quickly and was gaining ground on them. The purpose behind this other vessel was still to be found, but the group prepped for the worst...
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