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Death of an Age
Chapter 1 - The Beginning of the End (Game Session 9)
As the ship that followed drew steadily closer, the team frantically conversed on how best to deal with these interlopers. The discussion ran the gamut of outright attacking to seeing what they wanted. In the end, it was settled that the group would send a missive via Croak, while also dumping their goods overboard in case that was all the other ship wanted.

To their delight, the following ship obliged to their orders, but the ordeal was far from over. From the port side of the ship, a strange and magical mist had appeared, rolling over sea toward them. Between the bird and the magical sight of Merida, the group discovered that three ships, pulled by massive serpentine beasts were behind this strange phenomenon. These ships were owned by the Lintha pirates, the most feared of all pirates in the Western Ocean and supposed yozi cultist.

Adding to the strangeness of the situation, beneath the waters, a massive creature, almost 500 feet tall, the might Oliphem walked the waters.

Realizing that they were out-manned and outmaneuvered, the team quickly decided the best course of action was a ruse. Using trickery and wit, they cast their boat in fake fire, hoping that their self destruction would deter the pirates from attacking. There were a few tense moments, but finally the fleet did turn away and the group was free to sail onward once more.

Fate however, was not done with them yet as a great storm set down upon the boat, raging against the deck and rigging, threatening to tear the boat to splinters. As with all things, the maelstrom passed however and the boat maintained only minor damage. The group set sail once more, their destination forward.

On arriving at the designated spot, they were surprised to find nothing of the fabled island. Undeterred, they waited for a day. At the middle of the second day, the island finally appeared, rising up out of the waters and into creation once more. Hastily, the heroes steered the ship into the port, realizing that people had lived here once. The moored their ship and upon further investigation, found that people live here still.

As the day grew long, they settled in for the night, but were awoken by the sounds of drums in the dark. Fearful of previous encounters with nighttime rituals and drums, the group went to find the source. Upon doing so, they came upon a break in the floor covering where they saw three dozen tribal people carrying out ceremony. At their center, sat 3 dragonkings, a race though long since driven to extinction. Just as they were about to turn away, the people cast an effigy into their fire and a man clad all in silver armor, the Silver Prince, appeared in the smoke. He spoke to the people there, saying that he had been searching for them and would find them soon.

What this new revelation meant to the heroes, was yet to be seen.
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