By all the Gods! Loot the body's and lets get the hell out of here! 14 frost giants, not counting the queen! Many parts of the battle are fuzzy to me. The others say that the giants killed me 3 or 4 times. I managed to get in some great shots! I knew we were in hot water when the queen killed Corin right off. Then set about trying to kill the rest of us. We need to talk to Oskar about his negotiation skills, they appear to be non-existent. hopefully the party realizes this for the future. However, after a long and painful fight, we emerged victorious! We found Aramil, and returned him to our fold. We now must leave this accursed ice fort and get to safety to heal and count or gold. I am sure there other things that must be done, but I have an dd feeling that we may see that queen again. This time, I hope we see her first, so we get our shots in before she even knows we are there! So quickly people, loot those bodies, gather what wealth and magic items we can find and lets get off this gods forsaken ice floe before more giants and dragons show up. I'm not sure we can survive another fight like that last one! Quickly now!
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