Awwwwww Jeeeeze Kevin
We arrive at the hunter's dream where we met up with Joey and Leif.
They seemed surprised to see us, there we met the doll of the dream I do not recall her name. After once again realizing I cant use the full extent of my power, and sometime later Kevin turned into the 4th doctor and produced a tardis with mine and joeys faces embedded in the door. There he told me to get in which was smaller on the inside upon entering I shrunk to fit. He then joined me and took us away to what we believed would be another world we were still in bloodborne where I saw terrible beast pulling me ever towards real madness. Thats when Kevin turned into rick and made me his morty. AWWWW jeeze like this is really messed up man like a joey horse showed up and like aww jeeze rick I think its mad at us!!! With our powers together we crushed the joey horse Kevin put me back to normal where we returned to the hunters dream the gang was still all here after conferring with the doll she informed us that the old ones wouldn't let us just leave and we had to take them out if we wanted to be safe. Later we arrived at some kind of university where we met these weird creatures who carried around eyes we snuck past most of them when Joey fell we then began to be chased by a giant monster I threw Kevin in front of me and towards the others I knew I was too slow to outrun the beast no need in both of us having to fight it I can take it 1v1. Sadly Joey "saved" me and I didn't get to fight it now we are in the library of sorts where these I guess mutilated undead people are still wandering the halls Leif suggests we split up after saying how much its a bad idea we all do it any way I hope this doesn't come back to bite us in the ass.
Session: Game Day - Saturday, Feb 03 2018 from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM
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