Odd things and stolen glory
So here we are at the college each area we go is more horrific than the last. joey said he is looking for some balcony I can't believe he still thinks this is a game we are really her we can really die you jackass. Kevin turns me into Carl from the walking dead I never liked this the show but the memes are pretty alright. Later we discover a library with what seems to be infinate floors beneath and above us, joey is still on his getting game info shtick it's starting to get really annoying he asks what seems to be a librarian of sorts ton of arms real creepy I dont have time for this I crush its scull with my hammer dor always likes it when I get agressive in fact I do too no longer am I burdened by what people might think or how to go at a situation to not start conflict, I am the conflict and it feels good. after killing the librarian I find another looking exactly the same I ask him for an exit he shows me a door I inform my friends and walk through. I am alone now in a never-ending hallway any damage to these walls I make is healed I can't even grow my way out I have to find a way I see a door and enter. there I meet a man spider I guess his name is Patches he seems alright though he wants my eyes and if I die I guess he gets them what would I need them then for anyway. he shows me an exit I would never in a million years think I would be thanking a spider for anything but here I am I fall for a decent distance and land in a cave of sorts. I here singing this cant be good I turn the corner hammer in hand whatever it is its about to get its ass kicked in. it seems to be a massive female figure with grotesque wings and no head I say to her " can you do me a favor"
she replies "yes". "hold onto this for me"I yell as I toss my hammer into her belly and call it back the rush of combat entering my veins this is what I was made to do. I'm not doing enough I need to grow but this world affects my powers so terribly I succeed but at a price the pain is immense and I have these purple rocks on my body I shrug off the pain this bitch is going down if its the last thing I do I'm gonna rip her fucking wings off. after a bit I hear familiar voices its Courtney and joey, *yay, the cavalry is here* I guess more help couldn't hurt. why are they they just standing there help me dammit i thought we were friends I can take the damage just heal me at least with all the last bit of my strength I grab a hold of her wings and rip them clean off I can feel my self-fading I won't retain consciousness for long my last image is joey swooping in at the last second to take my glory suits him to wait for me to do all the work and come in just to kill it after I'm done. I pass out I'm not sure how much time passed but I wake up with Courtney over me the pain is immense but getting less by the second I look over joey is in a pool of blood. good job glory hog serves you right I see in the distance there is something where the monster stood I tell Courtney to tend to joey while I check it out but she notices what is before I do. Its a sword and her being the sword wielder, of course, she wants it, I state well you didn't help kill the monster why should you get it. She retorts with the fact that she saved my life I yield and she attempts to lift it she can't. So I guess the sword is mine cool. as I lift it up I hear a familiar voice, its patches he has something to sell me he wants blood I think well joey isn't using his. Courtney takes exception to that as I'm arguing with her I touch patches so, I guess I'm paying for this he touches my forehead I feel a bit weird, oh well let's get Joey to the hunters dream to heal up I carry him there. In the dream, we run into Leif and Kevin again good to see they didn't die though its unlikely for reality benders to die I guess. there Kevin suggests that we bury him to let the darkness heal him sounds like it might work I help him dig and place joey in and place the dirt on him. a bit later joey emerges from the dirt healed up, wow that actually worked. we then ask the puppet abot the great old ones she reveals that we have to defeat at least 6 to leave this hell hole. Well we beat 2 already whats 4 more what could possibly go wrong.
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